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Documentary: SOURCE – It’s Within You

How do we, as humans, have the ability to heal ourselves both physiologically and mentally? How does meditation change the body?

Never-before-seen scientific data reveals how the power of our thoughts can shape every aspect of our lives, from the tiniest molecules to our overall well-being. Discover powerful stories of transformation from individuals who changed their lives in the process of reaching a greater level of awareness and healing.

Production: Hathor Studios
Duration: 102 minutes
Executive Producers: Sheila K  |  Melissa Tittl
Featuring: Dr. Joe Dispenza  |  Hemal H. Patel, PHD |  Tobias Moeller-Bertram, M.D., PH.D. MAS |  Dr. Ruth Waterman | Michelle A. Poirier, PH.D. |  Jacqueline Bonds, PH.D. |. Dr. Carla Stanton | Dr. Hillari Hamilton | Alex Jinich |  Sheila K | Andrew Wright