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It’s Within You

"Evidence is the loudest voice"
-Dr Joe Dispenza

Powered by InnerScience Research Fund, this documentary unveils groundbreaking discoveries about the profound impact of meditation on our mind and body. This powerful film celebrates Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and the research being conducted by a team of dedicated scientists. Discover more about the mind's extraordinary potential to influence the body. Witness stories of transformation, healing testimonials, and explore the research that is helping propel meditation and this work to the forefront of modern history. Get ready to be amazed!

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For the first time in history, significant in-depth studies have been performed allowing science to explore what happens when we close our eyes, go within, and connect to SOURCE. Following the same protocols for pharmaceutical studies, scientists from the University of California, San Diego were able to extract data from thousands of people worldwide, using Dr Joe Dispenza retreats as their testing grounds.

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Dr Joe Dispenza

New York Times Best Selling Author, International Lecturer

“...Scientists have discovered something really profound that's happening inside someone's body when they apply this formula.”

Hemal Patel, Ph.D.

Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Department of Anesthesiology, UCSD

“We have just scratched the surface. This is just the beginning to understanding our human potential.”

Dr. Ruth Waterman

Department of Anesthesiology Chair at UCSD

“We use Western medicine and it does a bunch of things for us, but something's missing.”

Tobias Moeller-Bertram, M.D., Ph.D.

Master of Advanced Science (MAS) in Clinical Research

“There is an effect of meditation and we can measure it... We applied the same protocols to run a pharmaceutical study”

Dr. Hillari Hamilton

Director of Donor Relations, InnerScience Research Fund
"We came to Cancun in 2019... there was a woman standing on the stage who had uterine cancer. Many tumors in her abdomen and in her uterus, and she overcame uterine cancer with Dr. Joe's work."

Dr. Carla Stanton

Director of Inner Health Coalition
"...I kept being astounded by the human heart and its capacity to change and transform the autonomic nervous system. It was really inspiring. And as part of that team, we began to see some big health changes..."

Michelle A. Poirier, Ph.D.

Molecular and Cell Biologist, Meditation Researcher

“What we're doing is we're quantifying how powerful the mind is...”

Jacqueline Bonds, Ph.D.


"So, the big question that we're asking is how does meditation change the body? How do we, as humans, have the ability to heal ourselves, both physiologically and mentally?"

Alex Jinich


“We saw that when people start meditating, all parts of the brain become more directly connected with every other part of the brain. And what we found to be particularly surprising is that this continues after going through a retreat.”

Andrew Wright

Senior Advisor,
InnerScience Research Fund

"This is empowering to the individual. If we don't need anything outside of us because we're whole and complete ourselves, it means we no longer need to judge or feel separate from each other."

Hathor Studios envisions a world where every frame tells a story that transcends entertainment. Their mission is to create content that goes beyond the screen, inspiring self-awareness, fostering personal growth, and igniting positive change. Each project is a journey towards elevating the human experience to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how can we view the documentary?

Join us for the global release of SOURCE – It's Within You! Be a part of the free online screening event from June 21 to 23, 2024! No pre-registration needed – just return to the website during that weekend. Mark your calendars! Want to stay connected and receive updates after the screening? Share your info with us here.

How long is the film?

SOURCE - It’s Within You is 102 minutes.

How can I share the documentary with others?

You can invite all your friends and loved ones to the Free Worldwide Online Screening this coming June 21 to 23. The movie and other perks will be available through donations. Stay tuned for this feature on our website soon.

When will it be available in other languages?

We plan to release the film in 15+ languages in the Fall. Sign up to stay connected and receive updates after the screening!

Is it available on large networks?

We are in discussions with numerous platforms about future possibilities. Sign up to stay connected and receive updates after the screening.

Who is InnerScience Research Fund and what do you do?

InnerScience Research Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in January 2022. Our Mission is funding research on the biological and physiological effects of meditation on the human body.

Currently, we are funding analysis of the data from groundbreaking research at Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditation retreats, led by a team of researchers from UC San Diego. It is their aim to document the science behind the body’s innate ability to heal using the power of meditation and to publish their findings in esteemed, peer-reviewed journals.

We believe everyone deserves to know they have the power within to heal and thrive, and our Vision is a world where meditation is an integral part of the standard of (health)care in preventing and treating illness and disease. We want doctors and health practitioners across the globe to be prescribing meditation, and the only way to accomplish this is by providing sound, scientific evidence that meditation heals, because evidence is the loudest voice.

We have a collection of 2-3 minute videos to showcase who we are and the science we support. Other short videos include stories of transformation and words directly from our supporters. Please find the links below:

Funding Scientific Research on Meditation: How It Works

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