Gift Card: The Scientist’s Perspective – Collection of 7 Complete Interviews


Give the Gift of The Scientist’s Perspective: Collection of 7 Complete Interviews

Share the love and give your friends and family unparalleled access to 7 exclusive interviews with the brilliant minds behind the research and scientific breakthroughs delivered in SOURCEIt’s Within You. Discover insights, challenges, and inspirations as they delve deeper into the profound discoveries made about what’s happening inside someone’s body when meditating.

Over 5 hours of footage offer a unique glimpse into the expertise and passion driving the work and the research.

Explore now and enhance your understanding with these compelling conversations.

Key Features:

  • Featuring: Dr Joe Dispenza  |  Hemal H. Patel, PHD |  Tobias Moeller-Bertram, M.D., PH.D. MAS |  Dr. Ruth Waterman | Michelle A. Poirier, PH.D. |  Jacqueline Bonds, PH.D. |. Dr. Carla Stanton 
  • Unlimited on-demand access
  • High-quality video streaming available in 4K and Full HD
  • Your contribution fuels further research and discovery

Support InnerScience Research Fund in its goal to expand the awareness and knowledge of the power of meditation by continuing to fund scientific research and share this knowledge with your friends and family.

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This exclusive content takes you deeper into the making of SOURCE – It's Within You with insightful interviews and never-before-seen clips. Enjoy unique perspectives and behind-the-scenes moments that enrich your understanding and appreciation of the story. Dive in and explore!